Generating a new future for regions, based on an exploration of their unique past.

We seek to create a new story for regions, starting from fundamentals such as relationship building, collaboration, and seeing their unique potential. Our work is very academic and interdisciplinary, broadly dovetailing social science, technology, and ecology so that we develop creative, resource effective solutions. We develop a path, where people and nature thrive in new ways, that is robust to global problems around energy, carbon, and resource depletion. We work on creating happiness.


Speedsters Saving Carbon

Congratulations to the 241 competitors who raced in the windsurfing OBX-Wind long distance race on April 15th. Often going faster than the wind, these racers could hit top speeds close to that of [...]

Earth Day 2019

How do we spread the word, through the recognition of Earth Day, about the looming effects of climate change? By reaching out to as many people as possible, as often as we can. On April 22, 2019, [...]